Full Name: Kayla Ludmila Sindelar Cecilia Martin Carrillo [say that 3x fast]

Hometown: Stow, Ohio [population 34,674]

Education:  University of Texas at Austin Full Stack Coding Bootcamp [October 2016], Texas Creative & Advertising Masters from The University of Texas at Austin [May 2015] & Bachelor's of Arts in Psychology from Coastal Carolina University [May 2012]

Obsession: My fur babies, Bentley Winston III [American Staffordshire Terrier, Basset Hound, Manchester Terrier Mix] & Juniper Valentine [Australian Cattle Dog Mix]

Color Preference: Blue... [, purple & black]

Game of Choice: Taboo [you don't stand a chance]

Biggest Fear: Bumble Bees [I will scream & run]

Favorite Animal: Elephants [coincidentally, they too are terrified of bees]

Greatest Adventures: Went skydiving, completed a Tough Mudder, held a baby liger (lion + tiger), traveled to Europe, participated in a food fight & rode a mechanical bull [best is yet to come]




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