"There's A Word For That"

Words are hard. But never fear, Merriam-Webster can help! This fun educational campaign puts words in a context that makes them easier to understand and ultimately use. 

Art Director + Designer: Kayla Carrillo
Copywriter:  Kait Pennybacker
Student Campaign

Emoji Thesaurus 

Sometimes that emoji doesn't cut it. Get your point across, and say what you really mean by using a suggested word from Merriam-Webster. 

When one or more emojis are typed, the Merriam-Webster extension formulates a word that more accurately describe what you mean. This encourages people to use their words. 

Single Emoji Thesaurus


Multiple Emoji Thesaurus 

Social Extensions

Don't use the same boring phrases as everyone else. Instead, spice it up a little. Impress your friends. Certain phrases automatically highlight blue, followed by a word suggestion from Merriam-Webster. 

Urban Dictionary Placement

Goal: Pop-up ads are placed on Urban Dictionary in order to gain attention and educate individuals that there is a word they could be using instead of inaccurate slang.