The University of Texas at Austin

Coding Bootcamp

This coding bootcamp was an accelerated six month full stack web development program. The following technologies were taught, however throughout the course I focused on front-end web development. 

Technologies: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, Responsive Design, Node.js/Express, MySQL, MongoDB, Heroku, User Authentication, Git/GitHub, Bootstrap, Materialize, PHP/Laravel, AJAX, RESTful APIs, JSON, Firebase

Front-end Web Developer: Kayla Carrillo



Goal: A place for product love. Ever buy a product that didn't work out, but it was too late to return it? Yup, us too. Thus, SwapThing was brought to life. It's a fun way to swap unwanted items with friends. It's super simple: post a product, browse around and make a swap! Below are some images of the website, but feel free to poke around the live site here.

Try it out: Log in to Mila's page using e-mail: and password: Popcorn1. From there you can browse around her profile.

Technology used: Materialize, Node.js, Express, Sequelize, Handlebars 

Future development: Add Facebook API to connect with friends, make the swap function work, be able to edit your profile, add a message feature


Thoughtful Giving

Goal: Finding a place to donate something specific can be tricky. On the flip side, for a non-profit that has very minimal income, it can be hard to afford a website to advertise what is needed. We aimed to eliminate two problems with one solution. Thoughtful Giving is a place where people can find the non-profits they have been looking for. Below are some images of the website, but feel free to poke around the live site here.

Try it out: Log in as Harvest using the e-mail: and the password: Password1. From there you can dynamically add more needed items to the non-profit's page.

Technology used: PHP/Laravel, Materialize, MySQL 

Future development: Add Google Maps functionally to target your current location & location of the non-profit, be able to edit your profile, working donate button